Welcome to Nation Wide Connect!

Established in 2007 Nationwide Connect took an innovative approach by salvaging offcuts of PVC products that would normally be sent to landfill. NWC have turned this around by recycling waste PVC material into new plastic, non-pressure pipe and polyethylene material back into pipe form.
Our company accepts mixed building, construction and demolition waste of plastic pipe e.g. PVC, P.E.

Working hand in hand with a number of Resource Centres, plumbing supplies and building, construction and demolition industries. NWC have educated the industry by redirecting its PVC/POLY wastage from landfill to our collection yard in Epping.
Our aim is to provide building, construction and demolition sector, resource centres and plumbing suppliers with alternative to land fill. Waste PVC materials are recovered, recycled and returned back into pipe.

This service is environmentally beneficial in returning waste product into new useful material.